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Born in Houston, Texas, to Mathew and Tina, Beyonce Giselle Knowles, is a multi-hyphenate entertainer and businesswoman.

Beyonce is a mix of African, French, Native American and Irish ancestry. She told Piers Morgan, "I have kind of broken barriers, and I don't think people think about my race. I think they look at me as an entertainer and a musician, and I am very happy that is changing because that is how I look at's not about color and race." Beyonce was criticized by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in the Daily Mail, who claimed Beyonce was veering away from traditional black beauty values and therefore setting a bad example for young women of color.As a child, Beyonce enrolled in performing arts schools and later became the lead singer of "Destiny's Child," a best-selling all-girl group.Beyonce credits Michael Jackson as a major musical influence and idol. She also syas singing to Mariah Carey's song "Vision of Love" influenced her to practice vocal runs as a child. Beyonce has a mezzo-soprano vocal range that spans more than three octaves.

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